v0.3.0 Released

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Written on 2020-05-30 23:00:00

Version 0.3.0 of CLPM has been released! This release includes a tutorial on using CLPM as well as significant improvements to the client and lazy syncing for CLPI based sources. It is the first version I believe is suitable for people who are not myself to use.

Files for this release can be found at:

The new tutorial is highly recommended for first time users. It walks through the concepts of CLPM, how to configure it, and has examples on how to use it.

While I believe this version should be usable by most people, there are definitely still bugs and rough edges to work around. Issues for the next feature release (v0.4) are being tracked on Gitlab. Please send email to [email protected] or open an issue if you have a bug or suggestion.

While the milestone contains the most up-to-date issues scheduled for v0.4, there are several worth mentioning now:

  • Develop a test suite. The behavior of CLPM has gotten complex enough that it is no longer suitable to just test it through use. The refactoring of the client and CLI code in this release should make the development of a test suite much less painful than it would have been before.
  • Add an extensible architecture for the client to communicate with the CLPM executable. The first use case of this would likely be to allow the client to compile the core from source if necessary. Future extensions may include communication over a socket to a persistent CLPM server or using a single CLPM process for every request from the client instead of spawning a new one every time.
  • Add API to modify configuration files and clpmfiles.
  • Add API to remove requirements from contexts.